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Posted on 02-16-2012

Chiropractor in Kansas City Uses Acupuncture to Help Women Pregnant with Breech Babies

Are you pregnant with a breech baby? Researching options for a woman who is pregnant and wanting to turn her baby and avoid a C section?
This blog post is for you!
It is well known amongst natural healing practitioners that Acupuncture is a highly effective treatment for balancing the mom's body when she is pregnant with a breech baby. I have seen claims that up to 85% of breech babies will turn with Acupuncture treatments.
I do want to clarify that Acupuncture works on the mom's body, and not the baby.  Often times the pelvis alignment and the mom's stress/relaxation level is what makes a difference in whether the baby has room to turn itself.  We just gently encourage the mom's body to relax and have her body balanced in such away that gives the baby space.
There are specific Acupuncture points that the mom's body give more room for the baby to turn on its own, and these can be treated safely at any time during pregnancy. I highly recommend seeking out an Acupuncture specialist that works with pregnancy and is knowledgable with pregnancy and labor. Depending on your particular Doctor or Midwife, you may only be "allowed" to be pregnant with a breech baby until 39 weeks, at which point they will want to schedule an external cephalic version, or ECV for short. During an ECV, they manually try to force the baby into a vertex (head down) position. This can be very uncomfortable for the mother and can potentially result in an emergency C-section. An ECV is usually performed closer to your due date due to the risk of an emergency delivery.
Acupuncture for a breech pregnancy is a great way to naturally balance the moms body to give the baby room to turn, and does not carry the risks of causing damage to the placenta or conditions that call for an emergency C-section. An ECV is an attempt to turn a baby without being able to tell if there are any reasons for the baby to stay breech. With Acupuncture treatment, the baby will turn from breech to vertex if the path is clear. If the baby has an obstacle in its way (like the cord around an arm or the neck) that makes it better for the baby to stay in a breech position, the baby will stay in the breech position.
Acupuncture is performed by inserting very thin Acupuncture needles into specific points on the body. The needles stay in place for 15 to 30 minutes and stimulate the body to move and balance the energy of the body through pathways called meridians. There are certain Acupuncture points that are known to be good for specific conditions including a breech pregnancy. I combine the breech pregnancy Acupuncture points with the results I get from a diagnostic meridian testing device called Acugraph. Acugraph allows me to get a real time picture of the energy in your Acupuncture meridians, including where there are deficiencies and blockages in energy. In many cases, I can look at the Acugraph reading and point out different emotional states and physical illnesses that they are currently experiencing. Patients are amazed and blown away that the Acugraph tool can give me so much information on their body. I use the Acugraph at each visit to test your body and get an updated picture of your Acupuncture Meridian system before treatment. This allows me to always be giving you an accurate and up-to-date treatment based upon how your body is right now, and not based upon your symptoms three weeks ago.
It is amazing to see pregnant women experience Acupuncture. Many times they come in for their appointment anxious and rushed. Afterward, they leave more relaxed and peaceful...which is a much better emotional state for mom. The increased relaxation in her body can make it that much easier for the baby to turn.
It may take a series of treatments to help your body have enough room and relaxation for the baby to turn itself from breech to vertex, so it is important to start the Acupuncture treatments as soon as you know your baby is breech, especially if you are near 37 weeks pregnant.
Breech babies can turn at any point even at their due date. If you would like Acupuncture to help you relax and give the baby more room in your pelvis, please call me! I would be happy to help!
Oh, and if that baby turns into a vertex position, and you are past your due date, Acupuncture can help induce labor as well. This is a great way to naturally stimulate labor and avoid a pitocin induction, as well as other interventions that can result from the pitocin induction. Click here for more information!
Better Health Is Only A Phone Call Away!
Dr. Kristine Baker

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