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Posted on 06-25-2012

Kansas City Chiropractor Adjusts Women Before, During, and After Pregnancy

Did you know that Chiropractic Adjustments are beneficial for women before, during and after pregnancy?

I have helped many women during their preconception period, as well as adjusting them through their entire pregnancy (up to and beyond their due date!)

Today I wanted to share with you the Top 5 Reasons Mom Needs the Chiropractor AFTER her baby is born.

1. She just delivered a baby out of her pelvis

A mom's body goes through massive amounts of change during the last several months of pregnancy, and then all of a sudden the baby is born.  This drastically changes their center of gravity and a lot of pressure is taken off the pelvisChiropractic Adjustments can help the mom's pelvis recover faster from these drastic changes.  Also, if the mom had to be in certain positions laboring for a long period of time, she may have misalignments in her pelvis, hips, or knees due to those different positions.  Regardless of whether the mom had a C-section or vaginal birth, there are gentle Chiropractic techniques to help!

2.  She is taking care of a newborn.

Even though your baby doesn't weigh much, the different activities and body positions you may be in post delivery can set you up for back pain and neck pain!  If you are feeding the baby and fall asleep in your chair sitting up, chances are your neck falls to the side and you sleep with your neck in a position that is uncomfortable for you when you are awake.  Do this for a couple of weeks, and then you will wonder why your neck is hurting so much more!

Also, if you are sleeping in different positions to accomodate a tender body, or a sensitive newborn, moms can easily experience pain, tingling, numbness, or stiffness in their neck, back, hips or legs.

3. Moms tend to be sleep deprived or getting broken sleep.

Many times when I am adjusting patients, they tell me how much better they sleep right after an adjustment.  So if a mom isn't getting much sleep, Chiropractic Adjustments can help her get the best sleep possible.  Also, studies have shown that after a few nights of frequently interrupted sleep, people report more body aches and brain fog.   Chiropractic can be an important tool for your body to adjust to the postpartum period of your life!

4. She is babywearing or carrying the baby in a carseat a lot.

Transporting your baby using a carseat can be awkward and heavy, causing pulling on the arm and neck muscles, which can pull the body out of alignment.  Commonly my new moms, and moms with bigger kids that are growing, complain that carrying the baby in the carseat is hard on their body.  Moms that are babywearing tend to be extremely aware of the position of their wrap or baby carrier, but if the baby wrap or carrier is not positioned or adjusted correctly, this can lead to chronic neck pain and back pain as well. 


5.  Because Moms are worth it!

As a mom, no matter how old you are, or how many children you have, it is important to take care of yourself so that you can be the best you for your children!  You deserve to be healthy, and Chiropractic Adjustments are an important part of everyone's health care!  Take time out for yourself and find a Chiropractor that is comfortable adjusting women during pregnancy and in the postpartum period.  

Here is a recent patient testimonial from one of my pregnant moms:

During the end of my pregnancy I found out my baby was breech and Dr. Baker performed acupuncture to help turn the baby and also to help make me more comfortable. After my pregnancy, I continued to see Dr. Baker regularly for acupuncture and adjustments. She is amazing at diagnosing your ailments and getting you realigned and rebalanced. I always look forward to my appointments because I feel like a new person when I leave her office. I recommend her highly, she is a wonderful doctor and person! -L.A

I really enjoy taking care of my moms during all stages of their pregnancy and after their child is born.  If you are searching for a Chiropractor that is well versed in women's health throughout her life, and especially during pregnancy and the postpartum period, please call 816-256-3603. 


Better Health is Only A Phone Call Away!

Kristine Baker, D.C.



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