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Posted on 08-20-2012

Kansas City Chiropractor and Acupuncturist Works on Mom with Breech Pregnancy

It doesn't always happen this way...but when it does, it's amazing!
About a month ago a local Kansas City mom was 30 weeks pregnant, and after 4 sucessful vaginal births, was told by her OB that her baby was breech and that she might need a C section if the baby doesn't turn back into the vertex (head down) position.
Mom and Dad researched options online and called my office. They came in for her first visit within a couple of days. Mom was 30 weeks pregnant and taking very good care of herself. She was absolutely terrified at the thought of having to go through a C section after being a pro at birthing vaginally. Not to mention, she was concerned about the increased recovery time from a C-section while taking care of four other children and her business.
So here's what we did:
-Chiropractic Adjustment: I adjusted her entire spine, including her pelvis. She had a lot of restricted motion, misalignments, and tenderness in the pelvis. Her pelvis could not move properly and that can make it more difficult for the baby to get in the proper position
-Acupuncture: She received an Acupuncture treatment designed to balance her body's energy which can also influence her body's ability to relax.   Did you know there are Acupuncture points that have been historically known to encourage better birthing position for breech babies?  Mom really started to relax during this portion of her treatment.
-CranioSacral Therapy: CranioSacral Therapy is designed to help unwind soft tissue that is restricted as well as release pent up emotions stored in the cell memory of your body. The Mom had a big emotional release during the CranioSacral portion of her treatment and felt a lot lighter afterwards from the emotional perspective as well.
-Round Ligament and Diaphragm releases - While I often use CranioSacral Therapy to address these areas, it is very important that they be mentioned separately. This mom had a lot of tension and tightness in her respiratory diaphragm as well as her round ligaments. The tension from either one of these areas alone would make it difficult for the baby to have room to turn into a vertex position. As I released the tension in these areas, I had a really good feeling that the baby would have more room and an easier time getting into proper positioning. Mom even said it felt like she had more room in her tummy and that everything felt looser.
-Talked about her feelings - I find that moms often have an emotional upset when the baby is breech, on top of potential upset from the baby's positioning. From an emotional perspective, I have been told (and share this with my moms-to-be) that the mom draws the baby's heart towards her heart and that is why the baby is head up. So part of the healing is to talk to the mom and see what's there for her from an emotional perspective. Many times during the consultation, if the mom is really emotional it will come up then, long before she is receiving treatment on the table. I also like to have the mom check in with herself to see if she needs to deal with any incomplete issues with family, her parents, becoming parents, getting ready for the baby, taking time off work, etc. It is not always possible to get all of the family issues "fixed", but many times just having a healthy conversation and expressing her concerns will make a big difference.
This particular mom was fortunate in that her baby turned head down after her first visit! She called me the following week to let me know that the baby's vertex position had been confirmed with an ultrasound.
More often it can take several visits for the baby to have room to turn, and unfortunately in some cases the baby will not turn. I always tell the moms that Chiropractic & Acupuncture is a winning combination to help the mom's body have more room for a breech or transverse baby to change position if it is possible. Very occasionally there may be a really good reason why the baby doesn't turn head down, and sometimes the reason for the breech or transverse presentation isn't clear until the baby is born.
One of the best parts about Chiropractic & Acupuncture to help moms with breech and transverse babies is that it is a gentle and natural treatment option that isn't invasive for mom or baby. Mom leaves feeling better and more relaxed regardless of the outcome, which fortunately is often a vertex baby and the opportunity for a vaginal birth!
Babies can also turn all the way up to and including during labor, so don't give up hope about your baby turning!  Also, it is perfectly ok to get evaluated and possibly treated by a Chiropractor or Acupuncturist all the way up to and past your due date.  If you are 38, 39, 40 or even 41 weeks and your baby just turned into a breech or transverse position, a visit to the Chiropractor or Acupuncturist could help your pelvis have enough room for the baby to move back to a vertex position!
If you or someone you know is looking for natural options for pregnant mom with breech or transverse baby, please share this article with them! This article may be just the hope and inspiration they need to pursue a natural option that keeps them on track for the birth of their choosing!
We do not work on the baby, that is the practice of Obstetrics.  We work on balancing the mom's pelvis and Acupuncture meridian system so that there is more room and balance in the pelvis.  
Better Health is Just a Phone Call Away!
Dr. Kristine Baker

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