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Posted on 01-03-2013

Kansas City Chiropractor Helps Headaches Fast!

Tired of having headaches? Is your head throbbing and you just can't take it anymore? Wondering why your headaches start in the middle of the afternoon? Sick of popping pain pills and anti-inflammatories? This post is for you.
Headaches are one of the most common complaints that sends a person to the Chiropractor. Chiropractic is amazing for many types of headaches including migraines, sinus headaches, tension headaches, gallbladder malfunction headaches, TMJ headaches, and more! Part of my job as a Chiropractor is to ask you the right questions so that we can get to the source of your headaches.
Here are 5 Tips to get you on the path to eliminating your headaches:
1. Get examined by a reputable Chiropractor
Doctors of Chiropractic go through the same amount of class hours as the traditional MD's, but a Chiropractor's focus is different. Chiropractors are heavily trained in palpation (feeling the spine and joints of the body) and orthopedic examinations which help determine where your problem is located, as well as the severity of your pain.
Based upon what the Chiropractor finds during the exam, they will recommend a plan of treatment that will reduce pain and increase mobility and function. Chiropractors give their patients Adjustments, which are realignment of the spine and joints. This realignment takes pressure off the nerves that cause your headache pain, and help decrease swelling. In many cases, Chiropractic Adjustments provide a level of immediate relief, a feeling of reduced pressure. Depending on how long you have had headaches, and how much they limit your activity, the Chiropractor will make recommendations for when you should get your next Chiropractic Adjustment. Adjustments are typically taken in a series of 4-6 treatments, and then your condition is reevaluated. Minor headaches may be completely resolved after a short course of treatment, while a chronic long term issue may take a longer course of Chiropractic to get better.
I had one patient that had to take 20 Tylenol a day and her headaches still really hurt. After 3 Adjustments she needed ZERO Tylenol a day!
As more people learn the benefits of Chiropractic, and how a simple realignment of your spine can alleviate problems like headaches, we will help reduce the need for over the counter pain medications that merely mask the problem, but give no real solution.
2. Drink enough water.
One of the leading contributors to headaches that keep coming back is dehydration. Unless you are on a fluid restricted diet, your body requires 2/3 of an ounce of water per pound of body weight to function at its best. Only water counts. Tea, lemonade, soda, lemon water, etc do not count. Those beverages turn on your digestive system. Plain water (preferably filtered) turns on your nervous system. Headaches are a nervous system problem. Note: If this is a big increase in water, you may need to add a little sea salt (preferably the pink Himalayan sea salt) to your diet to keep your salt/water ratio balanced in your body.
3. Eat protein and healthy whole fruits and vegetables to keep your blood sugar stable!
When I am talking to a patient with headaches, the second discussion after water intake is blood sugar. Are you eating protein with every meal? Do you eat at least 9 ounces of your "Essential Protein" per week? If you are a white person with a European heritage your essential protein is red meat including beef, buffalo, venison, etc. If you have Asian Indian descent, your essential protein will most likely be lamb. Getting your essential protein per week as well as protein throughout your day is critical when you are healing headaches of any kind.  Vegetables and fruits and whole food is best for your body.  Eating a snack or meal every 2 to 3 hours also helps keep your blood sugar stable.  Low blood sugar is one of the most common triggers for headaches in the mid afternoon.
4. Sleep
Both quality and quantity of sleep are important. I recommend 7-9 hours of sleep a night for the majority of my adult patients. Sleeping on your back with a pillow under your legs, or on your side with a pillow between your legs is preferred. Sleeping on your stomach or tossing and turning all night have caused many headaches, so I always coach my patients on sleeping posture. It is also important to sleep in a dark, cool room and cover any sources of light including your alarm clock or cell phone. Blackening shades can also be helpful for windows. There is a very complete list of sleep improvement recommendations that I hand out to each of my patients with more details.
5. Reduce stress
Either reduce stress in your life, or increase your capacity to handle it. Stress is one of the most common contributors to headaches of all varieties. Ways to reduce the effects of stress on your body include walking, taking a 15 minute break, talking to a friend or loved one that you can trust, watching a movie to have a mental escape, or listening to peaceful music. Acupuncture is also a great way to reduce stress and is a very relaxing treatment. Building up your body's resources so that it can handle stress is a great way to reduce your risk for getting headaches.
Are you ready to get a grip on your headaches and eliminate them? Give me a call now at 816-842-3603 and let's schedule your appointment.
Better Health is Just a Phone Call Away!

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