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Posted on 08-18-2010

Kansas City Chiropractor Uses Acupuncture for Patients Wanting Stress Relief

Frazzled? Overtired? Sleep deprived? Worn out? Feeling Disconnected?

I've seen patients feeling this way time and time again.  I take care of many patients who have a high stress job or family life, and they tell me that they can handle stressful situations with more ease after an Acupuncture session.

How does Acupuncture work?

Acupuncture is a system of balancing energy via channels in the body called meridians.  In my office, I use a tool called Acugraph to measure the energy in the Acupuncture meridians.  From that scan I can determine how the body's energy needs to be balanced.  There are certain Acupuncture points that raise energy, lower excessive energy, or balance energy in split meridians.  Split meridians is a term that is used when one side of the body has too much energy and the other side has too little energy.  For example the Lung Meridian may read 25 on the left and 75 on the right side on the patient's Acugraph scan.  The point that is used to treat that will even out the energy between the left and right side readings.  Think of opening the door between a room full of water, and a room with no water.  The water level will be even in both rooms once the door has been opened.

When you balance the energy in the body, the body feels betterSleep can improve, alertness increases, and in almost every case patients tell me that they feel more grounded and peaceful.

I have also seen Acupuncture help someone go through the stages of grief after losing a loved one with more ease.  There are points that are known to help depression, anxiety, letting go, worry, and anger.  Each of these emotions is associated with and can impact different meridian systems.  Therefore if you are in a state of guilt and grief which are associated with Lung, you may also have problems with your arms, chest, lungs, taking a full breath, and swelling in the body.  All of these symptoms can be impacted by an energy imbalance in the Lung meridian triggered by grief or guilt.

The Acugraph program that I use in my office is so valuable and allows me to show patients exactly how their meridians are out of balance.  By combining the treatment points recommended on their scan with the classic Acupuncture points used for certain conditions, I am able to get results that have my patients leaving my office happy and at peace.

What more can you ask for really?

Better Health is only a phone call away!

Dr. Kristine Baker

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