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Posted on 08-27-2010

Chiropractor in Kansas City Helps Patients with Foot Pain, Morton's Neuromas, and Plantarfascitis

 I love adjusting feet!  It is one of the most interesting parts of the body to adjust...and there's usually instant gratification for me.  The best part is the smile on the patient's face when they stand up and their feet feel better right away.

I have treated many patients with foot problems with about a 95% rate of success with many different foot conditions.

 Plantarfascitis - a foot condition where the tendons and ligaments underneath the feet shorten and tighten.  Patients usually complain of pain with their first steps in the morning.  That first step irritates the attachment sites on the bottom of the feet starting the inflammation and pain reaction in the body. Adjusting the feet, exercises, stretches, and in some cases therapeutic ultrasound give patients pain relief, reduce inflammation, and increase flexibility in the soft tissueAcupuncture has also been known to help this as well.

 Morton's Neuroma - I have also had success in reducing the pain with Morton's Neuromas.  Most of the time adjusting the feet and mobilizing the soft tissue of the feet and ankles will take pressure off the area where the neuroma is forming.  The neuroma is a benign tumor that is actually a thickening of the tissue surrounding the nerve that goes between the toes.  Once the foot is adjusted there is more mobility and less pressure on the nerves, and the pain lessens.  There are instances that patients will still have to undergo surgery, but many times I have seen their pain completely resolve and thus avoid surgery altogether.  I have also had patients who have had surgery and only have temporary relief.  It is critical to look at the biomechanics of the feet and the quality of footwear.

 Foot pain - Ever twist your ankleWear heels? Shoes with poor arch support? Break your foot or ankle and have to wear a cast?  These are some of the most common causes of foot pain that I've seen.  When I adjust the feet I check all of the bones in the feet to determine where there are misalignments and restrictions in motion.  There can also be restrictions in the ankle and knee as well that need to be adjusted along with the feet.  This is especially true in cases of sport injury, prior fracture, patients who wear heels, and patients who cross their legs a lot.  I have helped quite a few runners and track athletes return to competition after adjusting their feet and legs.

If you have foot, ankle, knee or hip pain, I recommend that you be evaluated by a Chiropractor who has a lot of experience with adjusting these areas.  I have so many patients that never knew a Chiropractor could help these types of problems, and now feel so much better!

Better Health is only a phone call away!

Dr. Kristine Baker

Jonny said:

its been on and off for 3 months now, not sure if its my lower back, or kndeiy, as the pain goes right through me if i change position that can make the pain come or go,if it was a kidney pain would the pain b there whether i moved or not?i havent been dr cos i dont wanna b a hypochondriac, as my dr knows i stress alot! any idea what this pain is?, its on the right side, lower back in the middle of the pelvic bone area, is that too low to b my kidney?i cant find any human body diagrams on the net that show kidneys, thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

2012-10-03 01:35:27

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