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Posted on 07-19-2014

Kansas City Chiropractor Recommends Getting Newborns Spinal and Cranial Alignment Checked Right After Birth

Recently I took care of a baby who is around 3 months old that had been so fussy and inconsolable that the parents brought her into my office.  The parents were obviously and understandably stressed and worried about their daughter.

The mom even said that she *knew* that she should have brought her daughter in sooner.  This mom knew that Chiropractic is great for children, she just happened to wait to bring her daughter in until she was in severe distress.

The mom really wishes she would have brought her daughter in sooner.

I couldn't agree more.

The baby showed signs of having her spine out of alignment including:

-difficulty latching for nursing (she also had a tongue tie that has now been repaired)

-she didn't like nursing on either side but didn't like her head turned to one side vs. the other

-the baby hated laying on her back and would never sleep on her back

-the baby was always in a curved C shape (hunched forward looking)

-the baby would cry when her parents would try to rub her back muscles along her spine or straighten up her posture


-difficulty getting burps to come up, or difficulty passing gas

Other common signs of spinal misalignment:

-baby hates riding in the car, or cries all the time in their carseat

-flat spots or bulges in the baby's skull (positional plagiocephaly)


-traumatic birth 

-baby won't turn their head to one side or the other


Take it from this mom.  Don't wait until your baby is showing signs of distress.  Nearly every baby has misalignments in their spine from the birthing process, even if its an unmedicated vaginal birth.  In my clinical experience I find that if a baby is checked and adjusted within the first week of birth they tend to have a lot less problems with sleep, nursing, colic and other digestive issues.  Also, getting your child checked and adjusted in that first week helps the Chiropractor help you know right away if your child has an alignment problem that needs monitoring.  

Pediatric Chiropractors are specially trained to evaluate and adjust babies and children.  I have adjusted children as young as a couple hours old and I am very passionate about all newborns getting checked as soon as possible after birth.

Fortunately this baby has been responding to care and the parents are noticing immediate results and their baby is a lot happier right after her adjustment. 

Please don't feel bad if your baby hasn't been checked by a Pediatric Chiropractor.  My purpose in this post is to just help get the word out to everyone so that children can have the happiest and healthiest start in the world and the parents can have an even better experience enjoying their children.

One of the purposes of my life is to make the newborn's entrance into this world and the expecting parents transition into parenthood as peaceful and joyful as possible.  Please share this with your friends and family so that we can transform the lives of families everywhere.

Better Health is Just a Phone Call Away,

Dr. Kristine Baker

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