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Posted on 12-15-2015

Cupping: Helping Kansas City Patients Feel Better

Have you ever seen someone with cups suctioned to their back? Or perfectly round bruises on someone, and thought,  "How did that happen?" Cupping is making its way into the mainstream thanks to celebrities and athletes using it. What is this new trend all about?

First of all, cupping is not new at all. It has been used for centuries by Egyptians, Chinese, and Greeks. They used it for internal disorders and structural problems. They would place a glass cup near a person, heat up the inside, and stick it on the body. The heat creates a suction cup effect, drawing the skin up. Some people still use heat to place cups, but many practitioners have started using a pneumatic device to suck the air out. 

What does cupping do? 

It improves blood flow and circulation, mobilizes muscles, decreases adhesions in the tissue, and lifts the skin which allows for more room in the area for the healing process. Therefore, faster healing time and decreased pain can occur. 

What can it help? 

-Muscle tightness

-Low back pain

-Facial paralysis

-Arthritic conditions

-Cough and congestion

Will it hurt?

Cupping is a different sensation than a massage, because instead of pushing the tissue the cups pull the skin up. This causes a feeling of tightness in the area, which is more of an unusual feeling than an uncomfortable one. Many people find cupping to be quite relaxing and leaves the areas feeling better. 

Will I have marks on my body? How long will they last?

Every person is different.  We find that the more discomfort a patient is in, and they more dehydrated they are, the more likely they will have marks.  Typically the marks go away within several days and sometimes before the person leaves our office.  

Is cupping right for me?

If you have had a chronic problem or injury that didn’t heal correctly, you may have a lot of scar tissue in the area that doesn’t allow for the lymphatic drainage to work at it's best. If you are feeling fatigued and sluggish, it may help open up the proper drainage pathways, helping you feel well again. The best way to find out is to have a consultation and determine if it is a good fit for you. 

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