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Posted on 06-16-2011

Kansas City Acupuncture and CranioSacral Chiropractor Helps Patient with Adverse Reaction to Botox Injections

 Have you ever heard of Botox?  It is an injection that is used in cosmetic procedures so that your face doesn't wrinkle...or move.  Do you know what its made from?  It is the Botulinum toxin produced by Clostridium Botulinum, and it is extremely neurotoxic!

While I'm sure there are people who have had Botox injections without side effects and love the look of their unwrinkled face, I first hand, saw a patient last week who had been suffering from severe side effects for six weeks.  That's right.  Six weeks.

Six weeks ago this patient decided to try Botox injections in their face. The morning after the injections, this patient woke up feeling like they had the worst flu of their life.  Ever since then, they had been experiencing nausea, mind numbing fatigue, "fog brain", depression, and anxiety.  They have also had a lot of pressure in their head.

 This patient was searching for help and found an online forum for Botox adverse reactions.  They read that a lot of people had been helped by Acupuncture and Cranial Massage, and searched for a Doctor in their area and found my website. 

This patient had been too embarrassed to tell anyone what had happened to them.  Having Botox injected into their forehead was not something they would typically do, or consider, and thus was very reluctant to ask around for help.

At their first visit, I checked their Acupuncture Meridians with a tool that I use called AcugraphClick here for a demonstration.  From their Acugraph readings I was able to determine exactly which meridians were out of balance in their body.  I treated them according to their Acugraph readings, as well as points along the area of injections, and other cranial Acupuncture points.  After their Acupuncture session, I used CranioSacral Therapy to gently relax and unwind the tension in their head and neck.  I also used a detoxification and allergy technique in Total Body Modification to help their body remove the Botulinum toxin from their system.

After the first treatment, this patient felt remarkably better.  They reported a 25% improvement in their symptoms overall.  Their nausea and anxiety were improved and they slept a lot better immediately after treatment. 

At the second visit, we decided to add in a Chiropractic Adjustment to the treatment for that day.  The patient felt so much better at the end of the second visit and could feel the drastic shifts that were happening in their body as a result of the Acupuncture, CranioSacral, Total Body Modification and Chiropractic Adjustments

It has been such a pleasure to help this patient on their journey back to health, and I look forward to seeing them progress with additional treatment.

There are men and women out there who have had severe reactions to Botox injections and are afraid to talk about it, much less seek out treatment to help them regain their health.  Please do not be embarrassed and know there are Doctors out there who are compassionate and want to help.

If you know of someone who is currently experiencing problems due to a Botox reaction, please forward this to them.  It may be just what they were needing to hear. 

Share with your friends and spread the word! 

Better Health is Just a Phone Call Away,

Dr. Kristine Baker


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Liz said:

That person would be me, and the help I received was enormous. So much so that I was able to take care of an unexpected crisis when two weeks before I could barely get out of bed. Unfortunately I overdid and have not been back in to get further treatment which I need to do. I have been in contact with women from around the globe who have experienced adverse side effects from Botox, which can be devastating. Without a doubt the Botox sufferers have received the most help from doctors who are not considered "conventional". Even MD's who are sympathetic to the side effects have been ill-equipped to help their patients through the several the months it routinely takes to heal. Some of the patients are trying chiropractic/acupuncture for the first time and have been so grateful to have found relief through these practices. I can testify to the fact that Dr. Baker helped in more ways than one. She is very knowledgeable in many facets of alternative care as well as concerned for her patients' well-being. I highly recommend her.

2011-06-22 10:43:40

Macey said:

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2017-10-07 01:09:09

Lucy said:

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2017-10-07 03:23:42

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