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Posted on 09-28-2011

Kansas City Chiropractor Offers a Drug-Free Approach to Back Pain During Pregnancy

Are you pregnant or know someone who is pregnant

Chiropractors can be helpful for pregnant women throughout their pregnancy, and especially if they start experiencing back painChiropractors offer a drug-free approach that is highly effective. 

As a woman progresses through her pregnancy, the increased weight and pressure on her pelvis can irritate the nerves and misalign bones in her back causing pain.  Chiropractors are trained to detect the misalignments in her back, and use gentle techniques to realign the vertebra and the pelvis.  Once you take some of the pressure off of the nerves (from the misaligned joints), pain decreases and her range of motion improves.  You can imagine how this can make the labor and delivery process so much easier.  Not only is the mom not having back pain when her labor starts, but the properly aligned pelvis makes it so much easier for the baby to descend through the birth canal!

I have taken care of many pregnant women and the results are impressive.  One mom had severe back pain throughout her first pregnancy and didn't know about Chiropractic.  When she found out she was pregnant with her second child, she started Chiropractic care.  Her back pain decreased a lot within a few visits, and with adjustments every few weeks throughout her pregnancy she was able to remain nearly pain free.  She went from almost unbearable pain with her first pregnancy to being pain free about 90% of the time with her second pregnancy.  She was extra appreciative because she was chasing a toddler around her house!

I had another mom who turned to Chiropractic care for severe headaches and muscle spasms when she could no longer take a heavy duty medication due to its potential effects on her unborn child.  She felt so bad that she couldn't even drive! You can read her story here.  She was originally on this medication because of a reaction to another medication called Zelnorm.  By the time she was 5 1/2 months pregnant she was feeling good enough that she could start driving herself to her appointments.  By the end of her pregnancy she was having very few headaches and was feeling so much better.  Her family was so surprised that she had NO back pain during her pregnancy

I also talk to moms about their posture, how to lift if they have to, sleeping position, water intake, diet, exercise, and more.  This can also help increase their comfort and have moms get more out of their treatments.

Chiropractors are a pregnant mom's trusted Doctor during her pregnancy.  Along with her OB/GYN or midwife, Chiropractors can make a huge difference in the mom's comfort level, and ability to take care of herself and everyone else that depends on her.  There are studies that have shown that Chiropractic care during pregnancy helps reduce the need for drugs and other interventions during birth.  This is just one fantastic side effect to regular Chiropractic care during pregnancy!

I have a huge passion for making pregnancy and birth as wonderful, peaceful, and relaxing for the mom and baby as possible.  Back pain is one of many issues I have helped expectant moms with during pregnancy.  I have also helped with: morning sickness, starting labor in overdue pregnancy and turning breech babies. 

If you have any questions about how I could help you or a pregnant mom in your life, please call me! 


Better Health Is Only A Phone Call Away!

Dr. Kristine Baker


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Alexavia said:

If your articles are always this helpful, "I'll be back."

2012-01-05 13:59:13

Gladys said:

You look beautiful! I sllweed with both my pregnancies so bad that it looked like my fingers toes were gonna pop off! I was developing pre-eclampsia with my first started spilling protein with my 2nd. I pray that isn't the case this time for you!! Scary!! Anyway, that is great about losing the mucus plug! With my daughter, my water broke less than 24 hours after I lost my plug. With my son, weirdly I lost it at 37 weeks, but then had to be induced at almost 41 weeks! Hopefully labor soon!

2012-05-02 16:16:29

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