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Chiropractor in Kansas City helps Mom with High Risk Pregnancy and Newborn Children with Reflux, Pyloric Spasms and Ear Infections: A Must-Read for Moms!

I am a 34 yr old mother of 3 boys, ages 2, 4 & 16. I first began seeing Dr. Kristine Baker while I was pregnant with my 4 yr. old. It was a high risk pregnancy & I had spent the majority of it on medications to keep me from going into labor too soon. They worked, but apparently a little too well! When it was finally safe to have him nothing was happening! So as I approached a date where the Doctor said we would have to induce (which I really did not want to do), my mom mentioned my situation to Kristine who suggested acupuncture. TWO days after she did the acupuncture on me I went into labor on my own!

Shortly after my son was born he began having alot of problems with acid reflux & ear infections. As the pediatrician & ENT loaded him up on more & more medications I became very worried about all of the possible side effects...he was just a tiny infant, what long term effects could all of these meds have on him?! So I took him in to see Kristine, she began adjusting him & I saw results immediately! She also did something called TBM (Total Body Modification) on him which worked wonders! Within a month he was off of all meds for reflux & doing great! His ears were still an issue so she began doing adjustments that actually helped him fight off the ear infections! And worked way better than all of the antibiotics the pediatrician had him on! I was amazed!!!

Two years later I became pregnant with my last son & it was a very difficult pregnancy, once again high risk, & I had a job that required me to stand for 10-12 hrs a day! I saw Kristine regularly & by doing that I managed to make it through the entire pregnancy safely without having to take all of the drugs they said I had to be on in order to successfully carry the baby to full term! I can't even imagine how much healthier that had to be for both myself & my baby!

Once Coen was born he had alot of medical issues, pyloric spasms put him back in the hospital for several days at a time! We immediately got him started with Kristine & once again began to see immediate results! His GI specialist had him on a medication that is actually used to treat seizures (pretty scary for a baby only a couple of months old)! They were contemplating surgery on several occasions (we really didn't want to go this route unless absolutely necessary since he was so young), & he was so intollerant of every formula out there (breastfeeding was also unsuccessful) that at one point in time they had me feeding him a medical food instead! Within a couple of months of adjustments & alot of TBM by Kristine we were able to completely take him off of ALL his meds & find a formula he could tolerate!

Dr. Kristine Baker is truly a miracle worker with both adults & children! I really don't know what would of happened to my boys or myself if we wouldn't of had her there to help us through these difficult times!

Thank you so much Kristine!!!

Heather Ogle

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THIS ---->https://drbakercares.com/success-stories/moms-read-this---how-chiropractic---acupuncture-helped-a-mom-with-her-high-risk-pregnancy-and-her-newborn-children-that-had-reflux--pyloric-spasms---ear-infections.html

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